The Most Visited Sites on the Web (Well, Sorta)

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Yes, we know Google is smarter than you and they reinforced this today by releasing the top 1,000 most visited sites on the web. Not much of a shocker that Facebook claims the top spot, but the numbers are absolutely staggering.
Category: Social Networks
Unique Visitors: 540,000,000
Page Views: 570,000,000,000
Reach: 35.2%

What is even more interesting is how far MySpace has fallen from their dominate position in the vertical only a few years ago. They now rank as follows:
Category: Social Networks
Unique Visitors: 72,000,000
Page Views: 27,000,000,000
Reach: 4.7%

Little Facebook, 7.5 x more UV per month, who would have ever imagined? Creep much? Each Facebook’er averages about 1,055 PV’s per month. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve creeped the hell out of some Facebook profiles but that number is just outrageous.

What is even more noticeable on this list is the absence of the “noodz”. The footnotes do indicate that porn, ad networks, private content sites and pages with load issues weren’t ranked. So basically just the porn and the networks were stripped here.

I’ll tell ya what, throw the porn in there and they will start to clog up the top 20. Although I can’t imagine anything will give Facebook a run for their money at this point in time. Take a look over the list and see if you can spot the “next one”, just keep in mind that Facebook basically was nothing 5 years ago.

Check the list.

What I also can’t help but notice is that this looks to be an extension of Google’s recent push for increased investment in the AdWords platform. Google has been actively promoting the platform via direct mail for the past 6-8 months with several mailers hitting my desk this year. Incorporating an indicator to establish if the listed sites feature online advertising seems like an indirect ploy to increase interest in these locations, many of which are within the Google content network. Just some food for thought, I’ll leave it there.

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How to Delete Visited Sites – Cleaning Up Internet Browsing History

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Many individuals are interested in learning how to delete visited sites as every time you go online your computer will remember all of the sites you have visited as well as the information you may have entered in at those sites.

Your web browsers do this so that the next time you visit the site it will load faster. However by remembering all of this information your computer performance suffers as this internet information takes up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive.

There are two different ways in which you can delete your internet browsing history. The first is directly through the web browser. Where this function is located will differ depending on the browser but if you use internet explorer it is found under tools. You simply select delete browsing history and it gets rid of all of the saved site information.

You can also delete the internet browsing history by opening up your hard drives properties. Most computers will label the hard drive as C. Underneath the pie chart is a button marked disk cleanup. When you select this you can clean up your hard drive and you can specifically select to delete your offline web pages, temporary files and temporary internet files.

There is also specific software that can delete these visited sites for you. The software will scan your computer and remove any saved internet files or information. The software will delete the index.dat files, cache, history, UserData records, autocomplete, records and cookies. You can schedule a cleanup weekly in order to keep all of your information safe.

If you decide to clean up your internet files yourself this can take a lot of time and there is a chance that you may miss some important files. Using a program is fast and ensures that all of your internet history files are erased.

Find out how to delete your internet browsing history quickly and easily with this int